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Flu and Pneumococci vaccines

The Flu vaccines and Pneumococci vaccines will this year be given on November 3 (Tuesday) and November 5 (Thursday).

The vaccines will not be given on in the general pactioners office, but in the Pelgrimskerk, address:

Van Boshuizenstraat 560, 1082 BA Amsterdam

You will receive a notification letter with more information if you are within the target group and eligible for a vaccine. In that case you won’t have to us for the vaccine.

Are you in the target group, but have you indicated in previous years that you do not want to receive a flu vaccination, and you do want a vaccine this year?

Contact the general pactioners office (preferably by email). We can then help you get the vaccine this year.

Are you not in the target group but still want a vaccination?

This year, the flu shot is very difficult to get by for non-risk groups.

You can ask the pharmacy if they can order a vaccine for you. If this is possible, then please let us know, so that we can prepare a recipe.

Costs for the vaccine and giving the injection are at your own expense.

You pay for the vaccine at the pharmacy. The costs for giving the injection are 14.92 euros. This can be paid in cash or by pin.

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