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Jun 26, 2022

Action week: a doctor for everyone!

We are campaigning for good general practitioner care From Monday 27 June to Friday 1 July, our practice, together with all other general practitioners in the Netherlands, will take action to draw attention to the pressure on general practitioner care.

We do this in the interest of all our patients. We believe that everyone in the Netherlands should have access to a general practitioner. But that is under pressure. The workload in general practitioner care is high and when we refer patients to the hospital and mental health care there are often long waiting lists.

We want:

  • have more time for our patients;
  • less crowds in the evening, night and weekend shifts;
  • affordable housing for all general practices;
  • that the waiting lists in hospitals, mental health care and youth care are resolved.

On Friday afternoon, July 1, we will go with many general practitioners and employees to the Malieveld in The Hague for a manifestation. That is why our practice is closed that afternoon. We are available for emergencies.

Would you like to support us in this action? Visit to find out how."

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