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Jul 12, 2021

Busy summer for GPs

The summer holidays have started and unfortunately we have not been able to find full replacement for absence of general practitioners and assistants during this period. This is a problem throughout the Netherlands. The “Huisartsenposten” in Amsterdam (and nationally) also suffer from understaffing.

Our assistants are trained to do telephone triage. This means that they will ask you questions to estimate the seriousness of your situation and whether/when you should be seen during a consultation. Please answer these questions as best you can, it will help us a lot.

Are you unsure whether you need help from your GP? These websites can help you answer that question:

We hope you understand that we are doing everything we can to provide the best care for everybody.

NB: Do you have an urgent complaint? Do not hesitate and contact us immediately.


Doctor Burgers and Doctor Bookholt

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